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Large international companies are quickly learning the benefits of connecting their sustainability performance to their financing, with Dreyfus and NRG each recently announcing debut sustainability-linked loans (SLL) in the US, both structured by BNP Paribas


Hear about the latest innovations shaping the sustainable finance market, from the rise of sustainability...


The sustainability-linked loan is another product making rapid inroads into the sustainable finance landscape...


Institutional investors are now turning their attention to social bonds as a way of integrating social...


The global shipping industry is making waves as it quickly approaches the turning point of a new decade...


The EU taxonomy for sustainable activities is a major step towards mobilising capital behind the Paris Agreement and UN SDGs says Trevor Allen, Sustainability Analyst at BNP Paribas Global Markets


ClimateSeed CEO explains how the carbon-offsetting platform connects businesses with sustainable projects, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint...


Environmental Finance talks to Head of Sustainable Capital Markets Agnès Gourc about the rise of sustainability bonds – and where the market goes next...


Sydney Airport has closed a landmark sustainability-linked loan, a first for Australia and, at A$1.4bn, the largest in Asia Pacific. With BNP Paribas and ANZ acting as joint bookrunners and sustainability...


What's a 'green' financial product? The European Commission's TEG has proposed a classification system for environmentally friendly activities and a standard for green bonds.

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