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Investing in nature could be the most cost-effective solution to the climate crisis, but why have we ignored it – and could blended finance solve it?


The most exciting developments are taking place in Asia, which is playing a game of fast catch-up.


"Scaling up blended finance for low-carbon and green transition" was the focus of a One Planet event in Paris aiming to trigger effective climate action...


Saint-Nazaire's 480MW power facility will be France's first ever offshore wind farm...


The rapid uptake of green finance isn't enough. A new approach taking account of investors' expectations...


By de-risking financing with capital from public sources, blended finance could be the key that achieves the UN's SDGs. What is it – and how does it work?


How is the German stock exchange involved in the "future-proofing" of capital markets? How does it set the example on sustainability?...


BNP Paribas' sustainable working capital system looks at the environmental, social and economic impact of bringing products and services to market.


In the journey from farm to fork, opacity in supply chains can mean crippling costs for smallholder farmers. But as consumers increasingly demand to know the provenance of their produce,...


BNP Paribas and JetBlue have taken off on a sustainability journey that highlights how businesses across all industries can embed ESG design into their corporate treasury investment operations.

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