Sydney Airport has closed a landmark sustainability-linked loan, a first for Australia and, at A$1.4bn, the largest in Asia Pacific. With BNP Paribas and ANZ acting as joint bookrunners and sustainability coordinators, the deal heralds a new era in innovative sustainable finance in the region.


What's a 'green' financial product? The European Commission's TEG has proposed a classification system...


Our latest survey reveals a stronger commitment to integrating ESG in investment decisions since 2017...


The lower the unemployment among residents, the lower the loan costs: UK housing association L&Q spearheads a new way to think about financing.


Taiwan's first-ever offshore wind farm is garnering great interest in green energy and paves the way...


Korea is championing low-carbon development in Asia Pacific, with strong support from the government and regulators. While it is one of the top seven emitters of carbon dioxide in the world,...


BNP Paribas' ESG Global Survey reveals a rapid shift to ESG integration as investors increasingly embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals...


Meeting the needs of all people while living within the means of our planet is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Kate Raworth looks at the obstacles...


While investing sustainably has generated tremendous interest, ESG in Asia Pacific has lagged behind other regions. Is this about to change?


Despite profound changes and a shift in attitude towards a meatless future, meat remains the leading hidden culprit of climate change.

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