Initially published on Monday 04 April 2016
From the establishment of our first branches in China and India in 1860, we have expanded to offer one of the region's most comprehensive branch networks to provide you service where it matters.

We have also invested in the products and people to provide simple and effective solutions in the world's fastest growing markets. We are experts in capital markets, advisory and financing businesses. Our client-centric model aims to anchor its leadership position in Europe and leverage the rapid growth in Asia.

Key partners
- Bank of Nanjing; - Bank of Beijing; - State Bank of India; - Shinhan Financial Group; - Taiwan Cooperative Bank; - Haitong Securities;

Asia Pacific business lines
Investment Banking
Global Markets
Corporate Banking
Securities Services
INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES                            
Wealth Management
Asset Management
Insurance - Cardif
Retail presence*
Real estate

AU-Australia; CN-China; HK-Hong Kong; IN-India; ID-Indonesia; JP-Japan; MY-Malaysia; NZ-New Zealand; PH-Philippines; SG-Singapore; KR-South Korea; TW-Taiwan; TH-Thailand; VN-Vietnam;

* Through partnerships
BNP Paribas 2016

Turn changes into business opportunities

Our vision

In a changing world,

sustainability is the new growth.

Pioneering Green Growth Solutions

We are committed to support the energy transition. We believe in using our expertise & collaboration with development banks to ensure sustainable growth in your region. Because for us, a business is meaningful only when its impact on future generations is positive. A collaboration with the World Bank has allowed us to develop investment vehicles that combine short-term yields with long-term opportunities.

In a changing world,

you can unlock many markets with a single key.

Local Knowledge, Worldwide Expertise

Developing business across different geographies is more complex than ever, with new constraints, new risks, increased competition. With our integrated service offering that spans 5 regional hubs, a network of 220 business centers, 2,000 dedicated relationship managers, we provide the support you need to unlock opportunities where they appear.

In a changing world,

accessing a connected european market has never been so simple.

Your leading european banking partner

BNP Paribas has always seen Europe as a single & unified market and has been one of the engines of its cooperation. Present in 23 European countries, with more than 146 000 employees across retail, corporate and institutional banking, our network of experts is well equipped to transform possibilities into concrete opportunities.

In a changing world,

Renminbi isn't just about China.

RMB Global Solutions to seize opportunities.

"Hamburger" is a sculpture by Chinese artist Song Wei. Its adaptation is designed with approval of the artist • Source : Asia Risk Awards 2015 • In total 7 banks including 3 national banks.

With the RMB's ever-increasing role in trade and investments, there's no better time for BNP Paribas to be your RMB investment and solutions provider. Present in China since 1860, one of four foreign banks licensed as China Interbank Bond Settlement Agent to help you access the China Interbank Bond Market. In addition, the access to our competency centers in Europe and in Asia, BNP Paribas uses its global expertise and in-depth local knowledge, to help you spot opportunities in APAC and beyond.

In a changing world,

your business can blossom on a global scale.

Connecting Asia Pacific and beyond

Asia Pacific is undergoing growth mainly driven by China. Other markets are steadily increasing their businesses within Asia Pacific & beyond. In Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas is one of the best-positioned international financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence since 1860. With over 10 000 employees and a dynamic presence in 14 markets, our commitment to the growth of your business is ever-strengthening. Our ability to combine global expertise and local know-how gives your business a unique advantage, while our extensive network to Europe, Middle-East, Africa, the US and Latin America, connects your business to the rest of Asia Pacific, and to the world.

This communication is for professional clients only.
The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.
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Our solutions

In a changing world,

global action is in your hands.

Digital trade & treasury platform

Today, Global business leaders need to have a universal & centralized view of all their positions and operations where they operate at anytime. Centric is the next generation digital trade & treasury platform, more agile to meet your evolving business needs. One complete dashboard with multiple solutions to serve all your treasury needs putting you at the centre of action, so you focus on making optimal business decisions.

In a changing world,

your banking partner is also an aviation specialist

sector coverage and advisory

Your banker must know your business sector as his own, be it aviation or any other industry. With our range of sector experts, our teams will provide you with strategic guidance and appropriate solutions.

In a changing world,

cities are connecting in new ways.

Interconnected Cash Management Solutions

In today's complex world, optimizing your treasury operations while maintaining visibility and control over your payments, collections and liquidity management is critical. Serving 40,000 corporates worldwide, our Cash Management platform, and team of expert advisors, helps you navigate challenges and advises you on the best combination of solutions where your organization operates.

In a changing world,

opportunities in china are right ahead.

direct access to chinese stock

With the gateway to the Chinese market opening up our clients can now access China directly. Our experience and expertise allows for their swift access to this unique market so they can take full advantage of investment opportunities, quickyly and efficiently.

In a changing world,

you can count on a banking partner to reduce distance.

One stop shop trade servicing

With one of the largest trade finance networks in the world, our 300 trade finance experts in over 60 countries support your needs to kick start, develop your trade and manage the risks of it.

In a changing world,

by the time you master the game, the rules have changed.

Anticipating Your Business Environment

© "3 man chess"

With Securities Services, we support your business in adapting to the ever-changing business and regulatory environment. Our expertise across the globe helps you understand the environment and turn changes into opportunities.

In a changing world,

shipping is no longer a puzzle.

simplify your international structured financing

At BNP Paribas, our sectorial experts are where you are, in the world's maritime centers (Paris, Oslo, Athens, Hongkong and Singapore) to understand your industry as their own. Our teams provide innovative tailor-made solutions to support your sustainable development.

In a changing world,

diversified specialists make a team stronger.

One team, multi-expertise. Tailor-made solutions.

BNP Paribas is a globally recognized leader composed by multiple expertise, from the global markets, securities services, financing to treasury & advisory solutions. With our full range of expertise plus the local presence, we committed to serve many aspect of your business.

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