Thursday 07 April 2016

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Each and every company bears a responsibility vis-à-vis the major challenges of sustainable development. Our business places us at the centre of the economic system. We are therefore committed to a set of Corporate Social Responsibility policies which enable us to adapt to the changes taking place in our society while also ensuring high performance and maintaining the Group's stability.
We have been pursuing sustainable development policies since 2002. Today our CSR policy is based on 4 pillars comprising 12 commitments. Recently this policy was brought under BNP Paribas Group governance, which promotes a long-term approach to CSR strategy.
In the same vein, in order to ensure that this policy operates as concretely and effectively as possible across the entire Group, based on clear positions and consistent best practice, we have determined various levels of decision-making, action and monitoring.  

Our Diversity and Inclusion mission

At BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking, our commitment to diversity and inclusion reflects our responsibilities to equality of opportunity and the best of management practices. Diversity is also a key driver of our business performance, forging a path to excellence.

Aligned with the strategic objectives of our internal transformation programme at CIB, we are dedicated to the BNP Paribas Group social responsibility agenda. Along with creating a "good place to work", responsible employment and dynamic career management, promoting diversity and inclusion is one of the three guiding principles that foster employee development and engagement at the Bank.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace is central to our value of "openness", which guides our policies and actions. It is the ambition of the BNP Paribas Group to cultivate open and responsive team environments that encourage collaboration and connection, whilst supporting individual development and respecting differences.

Furthermore, CIB strives to engage a workforce that is representative of the clients we support and the markets in which we operate, thereby enhancing our offering and performance in delivering value to our clients.

We recognise that dedicated and focused effort is required to continue to build a genuine culture of opportunity and inclusion, to further understanding and awareness through communication and training, and for the successful recruitment and promotion of a diverse workforce. For this reason, CIB has prioritised and focused on diversity and inclusion as part of our transformation ambition, a plan with specific goals that aims to challenge the status quo and is supported by all members of the organisation.