Amongst the commonly cited motivations for digital transformation, improving the customer experience has the highest unrealized potential.

Heightened margin requirements for cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives pose a challenge for legitimate hedging activities - leading to financial institutions exploring alternative hedging models

Emerging guidelines for financial institutions on digital technology and innovation

Digital transformation will impact all industries, all sectors, all over the world. But is also a source of opportunities, including new services, digital services. For OVH, a cloud computing specialist, there is no limit - except our imagination.

Alec Ross, author of New York Times Bestseller, The Industries of the Future, spoke at the BNP Paribas High Yield and Leveraged Finance Conference 2017 on the innovations set to shape our lives in the near future.

Remaining competitive in a complex and uncertain environment has become a daily challenge for every organisation.

Originally a purely German financing tool, the Schuldschein is attracting more and more interest from European issuers and international investors.

China's financial market opening continues at pace, with the widely anticipated Hong Kong-Shenzhen Stock Connect now slated for implementation around December 2016.

The internet of things is expected to see an unprecedented surge in the coming years, with everything from wearable electronic devices to connected cars being designed - but how will the telecoms sector change in this new landscape?

Asia's hunger for outbound mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is hitting new highs in 2016, surpassing the record level set in 2015 in only the first eight months of this year, with the continent's powerhouse China driving the expansion.