Asif Razaq, Global Head of FX Automated Client Execution, talks to FX Algo News about BNP Paribas' 4th generation algo suite. "Insight Live", a groundbreaking real-time market intelligence portal, allows clients to understand their trading environment using live market data.


In an increasingly complex market landscape, which latest risk management techniques can ensure the optimal financial position of a firm? Drawing on 43 real-life case studies based on over 700 client projects, a new book provides the most comprehensive overview for treasurers and CFOs to date.


Italian international energy company ENEL issues first ever KPI-linked bond to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


As BNP Paribas celebrates 30 years' involvement in microfinance, we talked to Alain Lévy,...


How well are corporate treasurers using data to serve their companies' evolving business needs and how...


Three wins in four years underlines BNP Paribas' client focus and innovation in Japan as it wins the top prize again at Asia Risk's 2019 Awards.


In recognition for its innovative approach to data management and full suite of business scope, BNP Paribas is awarded Asia Risk's Custodian of the Year...


EMEA corporate clients to benefit from highly innovative dynamic hedging software under this new bank and fintech partnership.


It's a tough road ahead for the oil industry as the rise of electric vehicles makes solar and wind better long-term investments, according to latest BNP Paribas report.


The interest Peabody pays on its sustainability-linked loan depends on achieving childcare qualification training targets for tenants. Here's how it works.


UK Housing Association Optivo's sustainability-linked loan shows how a tailor-made financial solution can help unemployed residents.


The sustainability-linked loan is another product making rapid inroads into the sustainable finance landscape. Why now, and what are the prospects?

The global shipping industry is making waves as it quickly approaches the turning point of a new decade...
The global shipping industry is making waves as it quickly approaches...
Institutional investors are now turning their attention to social bonds as a way of integrating social...
Institutional investors are now turning their attention to social...
Cybersecurity may soon be threatened by advances in quantum computing. We need to prepare for change...
Cybersecurity may soon be threatened by advances in quantum computing...

Large international companies are quickly learning the benefits of connecting their sustainability performance to their financing, with Dreyfus and NRG each recently announcing debut sustainability-linked...


Hear about the latest innovations shaping the sustainable finance market, from the rise of sustainability linked loans to investor and issuer perspectives...


The EU taxonomy for sustainable activities is a major step towards mobilising capital behind the Paris Agreement and UN SDGs says Trevor Allen,...


Thierry Bujon de l'Estang, Head of CIB's Digital Banking for Clients, offers his thoughts on the digital landscape, the future of banking and Centric, BNP Paribas' electronic banking platform,...


ClimateSeed CEO explains how the carbon-offsetting platform connects businesses with sustainable projects, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint.

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