BNP Paribas experts discuss the role of sustainable finance for a responsible recovery – and how we innovate to connect issuers and investors' needs.


Investment giant Carlyle secures Americas' largest ESG-linked credit facility, and the first with debt price tied directly to board diversity.


Combining the latest innovations in solar technology and record-breaking size, the Al Dhafra solar power plant in Abu Dhabi sets a new milestone in renewable energy.


As more investors pile into ESG (environment, social, governance) assets, attention is now turning to...


During this pivotal year of COP26, industry collaboration on climate action and biodiversity are key...


BNP Paribas has been recognised in three categories at FX Markets' Best Bank Awards 2020, winning best bank for FX algos, best bank for forwards and swaps and best bank for FX Europe.


On their way to landing in the hands of an increasingly discerning consumer, many products travel through highly opaque supply chains...


China aims to create an international hub for infrastructure, sustainability and financial services to the Greater Bay Area around the Pearl River Delta...


A return to the Paris Climate Agreement is serving as a catalyst for an acceleration of clean energy investment by US corporates.


BNP Paribas recognised at Risk Awards 2021 as Currency Derivatives House of the Year for third consecutive year and Credit Portfolio Manager of the Year.


Green finance is going well beyond the headline bonds and loans with borrowers adding green features across a wide range of debt. Enters the buy-side.


Could dual strategies of digitisation and sustainability be the catalyst for a new sustainable growth in Japan?

The EIB Group and BNP Paribas launch a new securitisation, Proxima 2, to support French SMEs and midcaps...
The EIB Group and BNP Paribas launch a new securitisation,...
As global hedge funds pivot to Asia, increasing the proportion of female executives will provide the...
As global hedge funds pivot to Asia, increasing the proportion...
BNP Paribas' Markets 360 Research and Economics experts map out the major implications of covid-19 on...
BNP Paribas' Markets 360 Research and Economics experts map out...

Sustainable finance is at a pivotal juncture. The industry needs to rapidly embrace new forms of collaboration with scientists to scale up climate action.


Global audiences tuned in to the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum for the latest updates on sustainable finance in the Gulf region and beyond.


The world is shifting towards clean energy in response to the climate crisis. Could hydrogen be the answer? South Korea seems to think so.


As the market recovers from the Covid-19 crisis, the future of high yield and leveraged finance could lie in ESG and SPACs.


The outlook for Asian equities is a 'Goldilocks' scenario: Neither too hot, nor too cold, it looks just right.

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