Agriculture sector is in the middle of a structural transformation aiming at fostering more sustainable and traditional practices.


Electronic emerging market forex execution is subject to liquidity and capital control constraints – but how does EM and G10 FX trading tech differ? And why are banking relationships so important? BNP Paribas Global Head of e-FX Sales, Joe Nash, shares his thoughts with e-Forex.


Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility aims to transform lives and environments. It all starts with a rubber plantation in Sumatra.


At the 2018 BNP Paribas Sustainable Future Forum in Paris, Bloomberg presented the findings of their...


Meeting the world's need for fresh water is even more challenging as water supply infrastructures are...


Accreditation marks an important milestone for BNP Paribas following its strategic shift in recent years to focus on the energy transition – and will allow the bank to work in partnership with the Fund...


The opening of Chinese capital markets is creating an investment opportunity too big to ignore.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided the central roadmap for this year's BNP Paribas Sustainable Future Forum in Paris.


BNP Paribas was a first-time sponsor of the 4th annual Summit with two speakers at the event.


How does the rediscovery of nature's lightest element power the green transition?


With its equity market opening faster than ever before and bonds soon to follow, investors should act now on China.


The 2018-19 Journeys to Treasury report explores the current and future issues shaping the treasury landscape.

The transition to electric vehicles is underway. A critical roadblock on the path to full adoption is...
The transition to electric vehicles is underway. A critical roadblock on the path to full adoption is cost and capacity of...
Airbus is taking a bold approach to innovation building on emerging technologies.
Airbus is taking a bold approach to innovation building on emerging...

The new Amaravati billed as India's most cutting-edge city.


The National Conference in Bercy underlined the growing opportunity for widespread adoption of renewable energy across the corporate sector.


BNP Paribas wins Research & Strategy and Credit Derivatives House of the Year.


One of 10 global sustainable finance leaders featured in Euromoney, Hervé Duteil talks social impact, mindsets and leadership – and how BNP Paribas is setting the agenda.

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