The EU has issued €17bn in social bonds to help finance member states' programmes on employment support in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Climate change is a systemic risk for banks, investors and corporates. Failure to implement meaningful...


Americans will vote following a Presidential election campaign unlike any other. The results have major...


CEMEX's $3.2bn Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL) targets CO2 reduction and is the largest SLL to date in Latin America and the emerging markets.


Blue bonds: a pioneering transaction opens up a new source of green capital.


The Covid-19 hiatus didn't stop CEEMEA from recording record levels of issuance in H1, underlining its resilience. What explains the region's success?


BNP Paribas experts met with The Hedge Fund Journal to present the Theam Quant Funds range and explain how they are leading the way forward.


Digital bank transfers are making B2B payments quicker, simpler and more secure. How are privacy and compliance concerns driving the need for more seamless...


Movin'On partners BNP Paribas, Solar Impulse, Michelin and Engie are teaming up to scale up investment in energy efficiency. Here's why it matters.


The electric vehicle industry in China has all the right indicators, but more green investment is needed to drive development forward.


FX Markets acknowledges the bank's achievements in the global prime brokerage franchise.


The Banker has recognised BNP Paribas as Investment Bank of the Year for Social Bonds for playing a leading role in Covid-19 related issuance throughout the crisis, building on its existing track record.

The Initial Public Offering: What are IPOs? Why do they matter? Is the pain worth the gain?...
The Initial Public Offering: What are IPOs? Why do they matter...
Our co-heads of Sustainable Finance Markets discuss sustainability-linked loan (SLLs) developments and...
Our co-heads of Sustainable Finance Markets discuss sustainability...
Our FIC experts unpack the latest developments in the sector after The Banker names BNP Paribas 'Investment...
Our FIC experts unpack the latest developments in the sector...
BNP Paribas' Markets 360 Research and Economics experts map out the major implications of covid-19 on...
BNP Paribas' Markets 360 Research and Economics experts map out...

BNP Paribas wins 12 categories at Global Capital Bond Awards, including Most Impressive Bank for Corporate Bonds, Best Bank for Funding Advice & Support to Financial Institutions During Covid-19 Pandemic...


Sustainable FIG financing, sustainability-linked loans, social bonds and IPOs: four categories, four wins for BNP Paribas in The Banker's Investment Banking...


In today's world, cutting through data overload can be extremely tricky, yet it is an essential part of establishing investment strategies.


BNP Paribas recorded excellent results in Global Custodian's 2020 Prime Brokerage and Hedge Fund Administration surveys.


Policymakers, business leaders and activists gathered for Climate Week NYC 2020, where they shared their unique insights into some of the global challenges we are facing, and outlined the solutions that need to be implemented.

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